Complimentary Fat Loss Health Reboot Evolution Workshop


COMPLIMENTARY Fat Loss Health Reboot Evolution Workshop - Learn How To Shed Some Pounds In A Short Period Of Time!

Saturday, May 5 2018
Suntec Convention Centre
Room Level 3, Room 334

1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City
Singapore 395937

How to lose weight rapidly yet safely? How to be leaner and healthier without relying on exercise? Do you want to get back on track in terms of nutrition after Chinese New Year feasting? Do you want to lose weight, but not sure how to start? Do you find yourself turning to fad diets and fitness plans that work for a while, only to see the pounds pile back on within a few months? Or are you a junk-food eater, curious about a better way to fuel your body? Have you tried again and again to lose weight? Are you tired of fad and restrictive diets? Have you succeeded for a short time, and then put the weight right back on?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, join us for this workshop to know all about losing weight and keeping it off! Come learn about our BE21 nutritionist and monitored weight loss program at our complimentary Weight Loss Health Reboot Evolution Workshop!

Get back in shape today!

This FREE 3 Hour Workshop You Will Learn:

  • Fat loss versus weight loss

  • How it can create a healthier you on the inside

  • Mind-body transformation

  • Anti-aging benefits

  • Addressing post diet long-term support

  • How detoxification through this program can reverse health conditions

Would I be a good candidate for the program?

  • Addressing medical health concerns using fat loss

  • Addressing hormonal imbalances through fat loss

  • Supporting your unique biochemistry - because everybody is different

**The workshop will also include a free health checkup, where you will know how much fat, muscles and water you have in your body!

See transformation in just 21 days WITHOUT any Exercise.

Find out how to look better and feel better fast and easy! Seats are limited, register now!

Start your journey now and welcome a brand new you!

Sat May 5, 2018
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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